Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vintage Magic Apparel and Gifts!

I'm going to do a trick that magicians call a transformation now, so watch closely. A transformation is actually a combination of a vanish and a production, so it's two tricks in one. That's a great value, actually.

Now here's the trick, are you watching closely? Nothing up my sleeve...

Ya know what else is a great value? Vintage magic poster art on a t-shirt from Heyday Graphix. They have an excellent selection of retro magic poster art available on t-shirts, ties, mouse pads, buttons, magnets, mugs, postcards, prints, and many other products. Houdini, Thurston, Kellar, they're all there, as are many more classic conjurers.
Heyday Graphix is adding new products and new images all the time, so keep checking back. They're a bunch of fine folks over there who support Sleighted: The Vintage Magic Blog and send us a portion of every sale they make through links here on the blog (look in the Links From Beyond box on the right of the page) which helps me keep making posts every day, or as often as I'm able. CLICK HERE TO GO TO HEYDAY GRAPHIX AND BROWSE. Amber up there is wearing a great looking shirt bearing some "Great Raymond" poster art, why not check it out?

And so dear readers, that's how I rather hamfistedly performed the transformation of this blog from content posts to an advertisement with just the lightest of taps on my keyboard. I'll try not to do it too often here in the middle, as long as you keep clicking on the links to the side of the page. Many thanks for your kind words about the blog, help in promoting it, and buying from vendors and advertisers that support us!

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