Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. I am your host – your ‘Ghost Host!’

Conceived and created by Imagineers Ken Anderson, Rolly Crump, Marc Davis, Claude Coats, and Yale Gracey, The Haunted Mansion at Disneyworld is one of the premier "dark" rides in the world. Its classic mix of humor and scares is highlighted by unforgettable effects and illusions, many of which are based on classic stage illusions, such as "Pepper's Ghosts."

Though designed in the early 1960's before Walt Disney's death, the attraction didn't open to the public until August 12th, 1969. It immediately became one of the park's premier attractions, a distinction it still holds today.
Click Here For A Behind The Scenes Look At The Haunted Mansion, Including The Full Text Of The Ride's Operator's Manual, Circa 1975.

“Hurry back... be sure to bring your death certificate, if you decide to join us. Make final arrangements now. We've been ‘dying’ to have you…”

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